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About Us

CLEANPOWER PAC is the political action committee of the 91制片厂 Association (91制片厂). Its purpose is to support federal and state political candidates who support 91制片厂’s legislative goals for growing utility scale wind, storage, and solar power.

91制片厂 Members can email Diana Godlevskaya听for more information about getting involved.听听

Your questions about CLEANPOWER PAC, answered.

Frequently asked questions

About CleanPower PAC

Why does 91制片厂 need CLEANPOWER PAC?

CLEANPOWER PAC is an essential tool that enables 91制片厂 to participate in the political process. Given lawmakers鈥 busy schedules, one of the best ways to secure intimate, industry-focused facetime with key policymakers is through political fundraising events. At these events, 91制片厂 staff and members can advocate for and educate lawmakers about essential industry policies, helping to advance 91制片厂鈥檚 policy agenda and build political power.

Under federal election campaign laws, trade associations cannot use general treasury funds to contribute to federal or state elections. CLEANPOWER PAC makes political contributions to candidates using personal, non-corporate funds contributed by individuals of member companies and 91制片厂 staff. CLEANPOWER PAC is a registered 501(c)6 PAC and operates in strict conformity with federal election campaign laws.


Who can contribute to CLEANPOWER PAC?

Before soliciting contributions, an authorized representative of a company must fill out a听Prior Approval Form. The form allows CLEANPOWER PAC to solicit managers and executives of your company for personal contributions. Completing the authorization form does not obligate you in any way to support or contribute to CLEANPOWER PAC.

Can corporations contribute?

All contributions must be personal, not corporate. Contributing to CLEANPOWER PAC is a voluntary decision. In accordance with the law, 91制片厂 may accept contributions from U.S. citizens only. 91制片厂 will not give any advantage or disadvantage if any person decides to contribute or not.

What is the maximum an individual can contribute to a PAC?

An individual or company PAC can contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year.


How does the PAC operate?

The PAC is run jointly by the 91制片厂 Federal Affairs Team and the CLEANPOWER PAC Committee. The CLEANPOWER PAC Committee consists of representatives from member companies who are selected from the 91制片厂 Federal Affairs Committee.

Contributions to candidates

What are the criteria for CLEANPOWER PAC Contributions?

91制片厂 takes the following factors into account when determining whether contributions shall be made from CLEANPOWER PAC funds to a particular candidate:

  • The candidate’s position on issues important to the renewable energy industry.
  • The candidate’s experience and influence in the policy-making process, including whether the candidate holds a leadership position or is likely to hold such a position in the future.
  • The candidate’s voting record and past leadership on issues of concern to the renewable energy industry.
  • The renewable energy industry鈥檚 presence within the candidate鈥檚 district or state.听
  • The nature and strength of the candidate’s opposition in primary and general elections.听
  • The integrity and character of the candidate.
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